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Apr 19

Greek Sing!

Hey, y’all! As you all know, I am a sister of Delta Zeta here at Barton College; and every year we have this competition called Greek Sing. Greek Sing was this past Friday night. Each organization – fraternity and sorority – puts together their own show. It can be a skit, song and dance, or …

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Jan 27

Greek Life: Formal Recruitment!

Hey, y’all!!! Last night I had to deactivate my Facebook for TEN days! I know, I know. You say its not a big deal; but it is when you are used to having Facebook on your phone and at your fingertips all day, and now its gone, completely gone! Why you ask? Well, last night …

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Jan 23

Moving Back!

Hey, y’all! So, I have been back since January 18th.  It is now January 23rd, and my room is FINALLY organized! I can’t believe it took me that long to get everything back in its place! Well, I also had Orientation activities. We have been practicing our skit for SROW (Southern Region Orientation Workshop), which …

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