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Feb 15

I’m Weird…I Like Math

This semester has gotten off to a very good start; and, if forced to pick my favorite class, I’d have to choose between two of them.  I’ve always been a math person; I just get it, and it comes naturally to me.  I love working out problems and finding different ways to figure things out.  …

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Dec 13

My Major, My Future

Hey, guys! So, today I was thinking about what I would do without the amazing peers I have in my major and without the small classes here at Barton.  I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Criminology and Political Science. Being a Criminal Justice and Criminology major is amazing, the best decision I …

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Dec 10

Exam Time

Today marks the first day of final exams. I know most people aren’t excited about it, but I’m so ready to get them done! Final exams are the tests that you hear your professor talking about throughout the semester and what most people like the least about academics. Everyone has been studying their butts off around …

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