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Jan 31

First Week Back!

We started classes back last Tuesday, and now it is Monday! I have had all of my classes except one, which I will be heading to today at 4:30. This class is only one night a week, so it lasts until 7:00. Other than that one class, I can say I am excited for my …

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Jan 28

The Balancing Act

Learning to balance everything while in college is very important. It is a trait that you will soon realize that you have to grasp very quickly. The life of a college student can be very stressful at times and very easy at others, but you have to learn how to balance things and prioritize. Don’t …

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Dec 02

Time Management

Hi, everyone! As the semester starts to wind down and every college student’s stress level starts to wind up, I thought it would be helpful to talk about time management skills that help here at college. Below are a set of skills that I learned in my First-Year Seminar. (FYS is a great class that …

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