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Apr 08

Back from Scotland

Well, I think I’ve officially gotten back into the swing of things here at school after an amazing Spring Break.  It was tough, but I pushed through the jet lag and the sudden manner in which we were tossed back into classes and homework.  I’m sure you all want to know everything about this amazing …

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Mar 07

Spring Break in Scotland

Ok, it’s finally time to seriously start thinking about spring break.  It’s less than a week away now, and I am beyond stoked.  My plans for Spring Break 2011 are far more exciting than any other plans I’ve made before.  The first day of break I will be on my way to – wait for …

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Feb 17

Follow Up on Ireland Trip

As you all know, I went to Ireland, England, and France in January. Let me tell you, that was an experience of a lifetime, and I would love to go again! For eleven days, I got to travel Europe and learn about the history, culture, and people of each place we went to. I loved …

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Jan 08


Hey, guys! I told you that the next time I’d write a blog I would more than likely be in Ireland. Well, here I am, writing a blog from Dublin! I have had so much fun here so far, but we are leaving Ireland tomorrow. So sad! We have been to the Killarney National Park, the …

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Dec 15

Planning for my trip home!

In between studying and taking exams I have also been packing, cleaning, and organizing my room. I have SO much to do before I leave tomorrow! I only live about two hours away, so it’s not a long drive, just a boring one. Over break I have a lot to do for Delta Zeta, Orientation, …

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