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Jan 16

Home for Christmas!

Now, this is what I call a break.  Fall semester is over, and I’m living every moment to the fullest.  Sometimes I still catch myself thinking of my schedule and racking my brain for something that’s supposed to be due. It’s so strange to have absolutely nothing to turn in.  There’s a split second of …

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Jan 04

My Busy Christmas Break

Hey, everyone! Its been a while since my last post, but I am back and stronger than ever!  So, right now, I am officially waiting around to leave for the airport in Raleigh. At 8:30 tonight I will be on my first flight ever, and its a 14 hour flight – to London! I’m so …

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Dec 23

Finally Home!

Perquimans County, here comes Candice! So I am finally home after a rough semester! I swear this semester has flown by, but it was a tough one for me! For a Criminal Justice and Criminology major, this is always the hardest semester. Well, that’s what the past Criminal Justice and Criminology majors have told me …

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Dec 15

Planning for my trip home!

In between studying and taking exams I have also been packing, cleaning, and organizing my room. I have SO much to do before I leave tomorrow! I only live about two hours away, so it’s not a long drive, just a boring one. Over break I have a lot to do for Delta Zeta, Orientation, …

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Dec 13

My Major, My Future

Hey, guys! So, today I was thinking about what I would do without the amazing peers I have in my major and without the small classes here at Barton.  I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Criminology and Political Science. Being a Criminal Justice and Criminology major is amazing, the best decision I …

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Nov 29

Thanksgiving Break!

It’s about time, right?  The one day when it is acceptable to forget about counting calories, when you don’t have to choose between pie and cake, and when at the end of the day you get that wonderful feeling of being so full you are on the verge of exploding.  This wonderful day is none …

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Nov 27

Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving break, a much needed break at that!  I know this break is going to fly by way too fast, but I am determined to enjoy it as much as possible while I can! Over my break so far I have hung out with great friends, caught up with a few friends that are away …

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Nov 24

Time to Kick Back & Relax!!

I am sooooo happy to be back home for Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite holidays other than Christmas and my birthday – haha!! I love it because everyone in my entire family comes to my aunt’s house to honor the holiday and to catch up with one another. And you know what else …

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Nov 22

Why Are There No Songs For Turkey Day?

“When are you going home,” has been the most important question for the past couple days. Today has been the last day of class and, in just a couple of hours, I’ll be headed home for Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving is always such an overlooked holiday in the ranking of holidays. People always seem to jump …

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