May 15

Day 2 – Bugs, Plants, and Beautiful Scenery

Today was very productive and interesting. We saw many animals such as salamanders, frogs, bugs, snails, elk, and wild turkeys. We also found many plants such as ferns, hobble bush, and blueberries. We did a lot of hiking and saw waterfalls and beautiful mountains. I learned so much in one day and took pictures that I will cherish for a lifetime. It was amazing, and I hope to come back in the future.

May 15

Day 2 – Strenuous but Educational

Today, we spent the day exploring the area around Black Mountain. We saw a bog and a cove and did lots of hiking. We heard a lot of birds today which were identified by their calls. We learned about many more plants like squaw root and rock tripe (which, by the way, if you get lost in the mountains you can eat). We experienced different altitudes and how they affect our lungs. We saw elk and wild turkeys along with more salamanders. Today was physically strenuous, but we learned a lot. It was a lot of walking. The coolest part of today was the falls at Graveyard Fields. They were spectacular!

May 14

Day 2 – Helpful and Harmful Plants

Today we went hiking in the Appalachians. It was 2 miles uphill and 2 miles down. We started on the Azalea Trail heading up and on the way back we took the Blue Ridge Trail. I thought the hiking was not extensive, though I found myself yawning a lot and breathing more deeply. Driving up to Christmount, we were at an altitude of 2,500 feet, and I noticed a difference in the way I was breathing.

We examined the different types of plants and animals along the trail and in the stream. I thought the medicinal uses of the plants were the most interesting thing I learned today. The spotted forget-me-not counteracting the sting of the hairs on the wood nettle were an interesting example as to how two things growing side by side in nature can both help and hurt us. I thought it was also interesting to see the black cohosh plant in nature.

Abby Dank

May 14

Day 1 – Tired but Feeling Good

It’s Monday, May 14th, at 9:44 pm, and I just finished an exciting first day on the BIO 006 field biology course. We departed Barton College at 8:00 am to journey to Christmount in Black Mountain, NC. Overall, the first day was quite successful. Truthfully speaking, I was nervous about coming on this trip as I do not have much experience with nature. The forecast for Monday suggested severe thunderstorms with a high of 77; however, the weather was not bad.

We departed Group Lodge 101 at 2:40 pm to embark on a four-mile hike through the trails. We started on the Azalea Trail. Siri, my iPhone 4, said that the temperature was 68. She is so smart!!! I probably should have been working out prior to this because the journey up this trail was steep to say the least. I think my calf muscles will be stronger by the end of the week. As we traveled along the trail, we saw different trees such as the eastern hemlock and tulip poplar and also saw a wide variety of ferns such as the lady fern and Christmas fern, just to name a few.

On the Azalea trail we captured a crayfish and several mountain dusky salamanders. Our travel back towards our lodge took us on the Blue Ridge Trail. We were equally successful with the capture of several animals, the highlight being a ring-neck snake that we named “Spongey.” If you look below you can see a picture of Spongey being held by one of my classmates.

I am tired, but feel good about my day. I am looking forward to the adventures that we are scheduled to have this week as we learn more about the North Carolina mountains.

Below are some pictures that we took throughout the day. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Check out this blog throughout the week as more of my classmates will be highlighting the activities of the BIO 006 course.

Markiesha Edgerton
Class of 2012

Mariah holding Spongey

May 11

Students Exploring NC Mountains-2012

Hi! It’s Friday, May 11, and I’m doing some preparations for BIO 006, a field biology course focused on the Appalachian mountains along the southern section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Something new for the course this year is that students will be blogging about their experience here. We head out Monday, and the first blog post should be Monday night. The field part of this course is one week, so the last post would be on Saturday. But we’ve had so many students sign up this year that we’re doing two sections! That means two trips, and blogs will go for two weeks. So if you know people in the course, or if you want to learn more about what we do, or if you’re just bored and surfing, check in on us! There will be something new every day from 5/14 – 5/26.

Dr. Jim Carpenter

Apr 27

Is that your final answer?!

It was the second semester of my senior year at E.A. Laney High School in Wilmington, North Carolina when I decided that Barton College was the place for me. During my process of college hunting, everyone told me that I will know where I want to go to because it will “feel right.”  I was not exactly sure what that meant, until I stepped foot on Barton’s campus. Right away, I felt comfortable with the school’s environment. The first thing that stood out to me was the campus as a whole. There are beautiful trees everywhere you look, and all year you can watch them change as the leaves fall and grow back according to the seasons.

Another thing that struck me was the people. I got the vibe that not only does the admissions staff know how awesome Barton is, but so do the students. It was evident everywhere I looked that the students thoroughly enjoyed being at their school. For example, unlike most of the other colleges I visited, on my tour whenever we pasted current Barton students, no one ever hesitated to say, “Hey! How are you? Barton is a great choice, you should come here!” There is nothing I love more than students with school pride. Everyone at Barton is extremely nice; it is the kind of nice that makes you appreciate your school and the people who surround you.

Barton is a private, liberal arts school, and we have a smaller student body. Here at Barton, students are offered great opportunities. At big universities, all of the students are considered just a number; at Barton it couldn’t be any more different.  This quality is beneficial because most students are more likely to speak up in smaller class sizes; this way you can get all the attention you need to succeed and more. At first, given that I did not know that much about the school, I doubted whether attending Barton was really the right choice for me. However, I am completely satisfied with my decision of making Barton the place to further my education. I guarantee, you won’t regret coming here!

Apr 27

Wide Awake Wilson

 Getting ready to come to Barton? Then you probably have so many questions, such as what really is there to do in Wilson? Where are some of the popular hangout places? And, if you’re like me, where can you do some shopping? All of these questions, and many more, race through your mind when you think about college and the town you’ll be spending the next four years in. Barton does have a small campus, but we also have so many fun and exciting events going on all the time.

Here at Barton, we have Campus Activities Board, or CAB as we call it, which is a student group that plans and organizes many of the events we have on campus. Some of our past events include: comedians, trips to the Carolina Hurricanes Hockey games, poetry slams, movie nights, karaoke nights, weekend trips to amusement parks, glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunts, talent shows, and much more.  CAB is open to any ideas that the student body may have for hosting events on campus!

Barton is also very big on athletic teams and sporting events. This year, our men’s basketball team was very successful, and the Student Bulldog Club cheered them on the entire season. So, if you want to show off your school spirit and pride, you may want to look into joining the Student Bulldog Club. This organization attends all BC games for free and supports the teams with their amazing school spirit – face paint and posters included. The Bulldog Club also travels to away games with the teams and supports them as well. 

Although CAB organizes events held on campus, there are also things to do off campus as well. If you don’t have a car, don’t worry – there’s always a carpool or a friend willing to give you a ride. In Wilson, there are tons of things to do, from as skating, bowling, and eating out, to going to the movies or shopping. In Wilson, there are many restaurants to choose from, ranging from Mexican to Italian food, and let’s not forget those late night cravings for Cook-Out! Now, let’s talk about shopping, one of my most favorite things to do! In Wilson, there are several shopping centers that include a Target, Rue 21, Marshalls, Ross, Wal-Mart, Belk, and many other choices.

Regardless of what you’re interested in, there’s always something to do and something to get involved in here at BC!

Apr 20

Working Hard for the Money

With summer quickly approaching, the only stressful thing is the huge stack of job applications piled on my desk! Even though paperwork is no fun at all, the hardest part would be finding the perfect summer job. (Plus, it’d be nice if that job came with a big pay check!) Luckily, during the school year, I don’t have to worry about finding a flexible, nearby job because there are lots of opportunities for work study jobs on campus!

The work-study program provides part-time employment to students to help with college expenses. There are over two-hundred-fifty work study jobs offered each semester, and they’re usually posted on our work study bulletin board located outside the Financial Aid office. From jobs ranging from the dining hall to the admissions office, you’re sure to find a job somewhere where you actually enjoy working!

I’m an ambassador here at Barton, and part of my responsibility is to give campus tours, answer the questions of prospective students, work open houses and other special events, and do office work in the admissions office. One of the perks of being an ambassador is that I get to meet so many wonderful people around campus! I basically get paid to talk about how much I absolutely love being a Barton bulldog! And come on, what’s not to love about Barton?!

Working on campus is such a blessing! When you go to work, you don’t even have to start your car, since it’s just across center campus. Sometimes I drop by the office by with five minutes to spare, or even give a tour between classes. Another great thing about working on campus is that your boss will know that school always comes first. Everybody here is more than willing to work around your class schedule and will understand if you need a night off to study for a big test the next day.

If you’ll be attending Barton this fall, make sure to check out the work study board! Also, keep an eye out for posters and flyers for positions around campus. I’m sure there will be some room in our ambassador family! :)

- Jessica

Apr 20

“I Heart Barton”

Coming to Barton  has been a great experience so far. As a first year student, I love the relationships between the professors and students here; it’s completely different than anywhere else! ! You get that one-on-one attention that you might not get anywhere else. It’s great to know that your professors know you by name! In class, we’re always doing a lot of hands-on activities, which allow you interact with your material and teaches you important skills.

The campus looks beautiful in the morning, with the sun rising up, flowers blooming, and the birds singing. The most beautiful part of the campus for me though is Center Campus - it’s just a fabulous view of the whole campus. It feels like a paradise to me.

At Barton, I also love the small class sizes that you are in. We have  25 students at most in a class. It’s so nice to have a small classroom where you are able to pay more attention in class, rather than a classroom that has 500 students and where you’re totally lost. As a Barton student, you can build a lot of relationships with other students, professors and staff. Those relationships are very helpful. Also, if you go to the Hamlin Student Center, you’ll see a lot of students there hanging out in the game room or in Bully’s Grill.

The campus just feels alive throughout the day, and seems to be very active. I love how so many clubs and organizations here hold events on center campus; it makes you feel a part of this college everyday. Athletics at BC are also very alive! So many students on campus go with friends to watch a home games- they’re worth it! The atmosphere is awesome!

I’m proud to be a student of college that is so active, both academically and socially!

Apr 13

Just for Kicks

Most people that I have met say they have never heard of TOMS, until they came down south.  I’m not sure why that is, because TOMS are the most comfortable, everyday shoe; not to mention they serve a good cause.  For every pair of TOMS sold, the company donates a pair to a child in need.  Honestly, that is what started my love for TOMS almost a year ago.  It all started with my first pair of black glitters, then on to olive cordones, burlap classics, red cordones, and finally my Barton College Bulldog TOMS, which I hand painted and designed, totaling five pair.

What inspired me to make my new addition to my TOMS honestly was the upcoming orientation event “SROW” – the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop.  I’m an Orientation Leader here at Barton, and the thought popped into my head to dec out an all white pair of TOMS with splatter paint, and show off my BC spirit at SROW.  On the way home, I stopped and picked up the white TOMS, some black and blue glitter paint, and with the stitched BC logos that I had on hand, I went to town.   The total cost of the project was about 50.00; not bad for a college girl who doesn’t have a lot of money.  The story gets to be funny when my grandmother asked to help with the project.  She helped me to glue the logos on the sides and tops of the shoes.  I then sat in our living room, white carpet and all, and splattered till I just couldn’t splatter anymore.  It took about 45 min all together, and about an hour to dry.

I snapped pictures to put on the TOMS website, and received over 40 likes on Facebook.  They were a hit a SROW as well as on campus.  The new pair of TOMS fit right in to my TOMS family, and did their job of providing a pair of shoes to a child in need.  So now anytime I need to show a little Bulldog pride, I know just what to wear.

Recently, Barton College’s Campus Compassion held “One Day Without Shoes,” which is a TOMS event that helps to bring light to the millions of children who dangerously go without shoes everyday.  It was such a cool way for BC students to participate and gain knowledge about such global issues. Check out the “One Day Without Shoes” website at

Oh, and be sure to check out my TOMS at Orientation. I can’t wait to meet you, Class of 2016!!!

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