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Apr 27

Barton Is The Place for ME!!

Did I ever think I would end up going to college here at Barton? No. Am I glad that I decided to come here? More than you will ever realize! When I was college hunting my junior and senior year of high school, I had no idea where I wanted to go; but I knew …

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Apr 19

Greek Sing!

Hey, y’all! As you all know, I am a sister of Delta Zeta here at Barton College; and every year we have this competition called Greek Sing. Greek Sing was this past Friday night. Each organization – fraternity and sorority – puts together their own show. It can be a skit, song and dance, or …

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Mar 04

Favorite Office on Campus

My topic for today is my favorite office on campus, and this is really hard for me because I like every building/office I have been in for different reasons. My top two favorite offices have to be Admissions and Dan Kennedy’s office. So, to start off, I’m going to tell you why one of my …

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Jan 28

$$$ Financial Aid – FAFSA Time!

Now that most of you have gone through the admissions process and have been accepted into Barton College, it’s time to think about how you are going to finance your education. Some people have money saved up specifically for college while others may not. Cutting the cost of your college education can be very simple …

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Jan 23

Moving Back!

Hey, y’all! So, I have been back since January 18th.  It is now January 23rd, and my room is FINALLY organized! I can’t believe it took me that long to get everything back in its place! Well, I also had Orientation activities. We have been practicing our skit for SROW (Southern Region Orientation Workshop), which …

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Jan 16

Home for Christmas!

Now, this is what I call a break.  Fall semester is over, and I’m living every moment to the fullest.  Sometimes I still catch myself thinking of my schedule and racking my brain for something that’s supposed to be due. It’s so strange to have absolutely nothing to turn in.  There’s a split second of …

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Jan 14

Enjoying the Holidays with Family & Friends

The Christmas and New Year break has been so much fun, and it’s not over yet!!! It seems like just yesterday I was taking my fall semester final exams. This Christmas my family and I went to my aunt’s house to celebrate with the entire family. I have a huge family – so many cousins, …

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Jan 04

My Busy Christmas Break

Hey, everyone! Its been a while since my last post, but I am back and stronger than ever!  So, right now, I am officially waiting around to leave for the airport in Raleigh. At 8:30 tonight I will be on my first flight ever, and its a 14 hour flight – to London! I’m so …

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Dec 23

Finally Home!

Perquimans County, here comes Candice! So I am finally home after a rough semester! I swear this semester has flown by, but it was a tough one for me! For a Criminal Justice and Criminology major, this is always the hardest semester. Well, that’s what the past Criminal Justice and Criminology majors have told me …

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Dec 15

Saying Goodbye to Fall Semester

I can finally say I’m DONE with final exams!!! Fall semester is officially over for me today. I have a bittersweet feeling about this fall semester. There were tons of fun memories, and there were the typical stressed-out-college-student moments. Overall, I loved this semester! It was my first semester here at Barton College (I’m a …

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