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  1. Hey There! Did You Miss Me? — August 31, 2011
  2. Sunny Skies and Smooth Sailing — May 3, 2011
  3. Join the Club, We Have Jackets — March 1, 2011
  4. The Big Switch (Part 2) — February 17, 2011
  5. The Best Class for a Mad Scientist — February 14, 2011

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Aug 31

Hey There! Did You Miss Me?

Hey, Barton College! Did you miss me? Well, the time has come, and everyone is back in the swing of college. New students have been welcomed with the busy but always enjoyable Orientation Weekend, including Bulldog Day at Camp Rockfish, and old faces have been welcomed back. It’s only the second week and people are …

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May 03

Sunny Skies and Smooth Sailing

Spring is blooming across Barton’s campus, and there is nothing better than sitting out on the lawn enjoying the sunshine. In fact, at the moment, that’s just what I’m up to: sitting out on the lawn, sipping an iced coffee, listening to some guys I know playing soccer, and writing this blog. It’s a college …

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Mar 01

Join the Club, We Have Jackets

One of the biggest parts of being a student at Barton College is choosing one of the many clubs and organizations available on campus. Currently listed on the school’s website, there are 49 (I counted) clubs and organizations, from the Barton College Sign Choir (I’ve heard of talking with your hands, but singing?) to Full of Color, …

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Feb 17

The Big Switch (Part 2)

It’s February now, and here I am at Barton College, taking my second semester. I’m sitting at my desk at work, typing this up, and I still can’t believe sometimes that I’m here. I never thought that Barton could become like home to me, more of a comfort than my bedroom back in Goldsboro, with …

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Feb 14

The Best Class for a Mad Scientist

So, I’ve always been a little bit of a mad scientist. Ever since I was little, I would mix things together, just to see what would happen. Just ask my mom. She forbade me from making any more of my “experiments” after finding a particularly pungent one in the dryer. That was when I was …

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Dec 14

A Little About Me: Music in My Head

Music is one of the mediums through which humanity communicates. In fact, music can be considered the universal language because one does not have to understand the language of a song to understand the emotion carried within it. Some pieces convey a story, a person, or a life without ever using one word. Me? I’m …

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Dec 13

Bulldog Pride: Not Just About the Basketball

It’s not always about sports. Bulldog spirit, that is. I mean, sure, sports is a huge part of it. There is the soccer team and the golf team and the tennis team and, of course, the basketball team, and these are all very important. The cheerleaders spend hours and hours every day making sure they …

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Nov 26

True Life: I Get Along With My Roommate

I knew coming to college meant having a roommate. The surprising thing was that I was actually kind of excited. My mildly antisocial self had never lived with anyone before. This would be a new experience. During the orientation weekend, I meet a girl who seemed pretty cool. She was an artist like me (though …

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Nov 22

The Big Switch (Part 1)

It was really hard for me to begin the process of applying to colleges. I had my little list. Princeton was up there with Old Dominion, East Carolina, and NC State. I talked about going to college all the time, about who I wanted to be, what I wanted to do, and how I would …

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Nov 22

Why Are There No Songs For Turkey Day?

“When are you going home,” has been the most important question for the past couple days. Today has been the last day of class and, in just a couple of hours, I’ll be headed home for Thanksgiving break. Thanksgiving is always such an overlooked holiday in the ranking of holidays. People always seem to jump …

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