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Dec 10

Study, Study, Study….

Holy crap!  My first exam week in college is approaching at warp speed, and somehow it just keeps getting faster.  It’s not as if I’m doing bad in any of my classes, so I know I should do fine on all my exams.  But, I think it’s just the idea of finals that freaks me …

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Dec 08

Lighting of the Luminaries

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and Barton is really getting into the spirit.  This past week was our famous Lighting of the Luminaries ceremony.  This ceremony is a well-respected tradition of Barton College; and although I missed the program and performances, I still feel like I got the full effect. All year …

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Nov 30

Basketball Fever

Well, it’s officially started….basketball season! I just got back from the Barton vs. Mount Olive game. I was never a big basketball person, and I still don’t really understand all the rules or what’s happening most of the time.  My biggest cue to begin cheering is when everyone around me starts to.  But tonight, even …

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Nov 29

Thanksgiving Break!

It’s about time, right?  The one day when it is acceptable to forget about counting calories, when you don’t have to choose between pie and cake, and when at the end of the day you get that wonderful feeling of being so full you are on the verge of exploding.  This wonderful day is none …

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Nov 18

Fear? Yeah. Regrets? Nope!

Stress.  Anxiety.  Worry.  I’m sure these are only a few of the emotions rolling around inside you right now.  Applying for college is one of the most stressful times for a young adult.  It is probably also the most confusing.  You are nervous about going off to college, but also excited that you’re almost out …

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Nov 18

A Canoe, a Camera, and Chilly November

Probably one of the biggest advantages of going to a small college is the relationships you form with your professors, the staff, and, of course, the other students.  You get to work with some pretty influential people at the school, and that can lead to some awesome experiences.  For example, I work in the Public Relations …

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