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Feb 13

Training Day

Have you ever thought about trying something new and different, but you weren’t sure if you should? Well, I have. Participating in a marathon has always been one of my goals. I have always admired those who train and participate in triathlons and marathons. I’ve never really had the time to try it until now! …

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Feb 11

Math, My Favorite Class? Who Knew?

So far, this semester is going great! I enjoy all of my classes, and I have some great professors. My favorite class is Race and Ethnic Relations taught by Professor Shingleton. It is a social work class, but I’m taking it because it is required for the criminal justice minor. From the start, I knew …

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Jan 28

College Essentials: Textbooks!!

I know when you think of course textbooks you may think of those huge textbooks about the size of a Harry Potter book. Well, yes, at Barton, you might have to purchase one that size. Last semester, I purchased all of my course textbooks at Barton’s bookstore. The prices for the books are very reasonable, …

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Jan 28

Back at Barton

It feels so good to be back at school. Winter break was long and fun, but I’m glad to be back around my friends that I missed. So far, my classes have been great! This semester I will be taking courses within my minor, which is Criminal Justice. I think that this semester I’m going …

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Jan 28

The Balancing Act

Learning to balance everything while in college is very important. It is a trait that you will soon realize that you have to grasp very quickly. The life of a college student can be very stressful at times and very easy at others, but you have to learn how to balance things and prioritize. Don’t …

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Jan 28

$$$ Financial Aid – FAFSA Time!

Now that most of you have gone through the admissions process and have been accepted into Barton College, it’s time to think about how you are going to finance your education. Some people have money saved up specifically for college while others may not. Cutting the cost of your college education can be very simple …

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Jan 19

Bring it On: Spring Semester!

We have less than a week before the spring 2011 semester begins!!!  I am so excited and ready to be back at Barton and to get things started. I think that this semester is going to be much easier than fall semester. Last semester was my first semester at Barton (I transferred from another school), …

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Jan 14

Enjoying the Holidays with Family & Friends

The Christmas and New Year break has been so much fun, and it’s not over yet!!! It seems like just yesterday I was taking my fall semester final exams. This Christmas my family and I went to my aunt’s house to celebrate with the entire family. I have a huge family – so many cousins, …

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Dec 15

Saying Goodbye to Fall Semester

I can finally say I’m DONE with final exams!!! Fall semester is officially over for me today. I have a bittersweet feeling about this fall semester. There were tons of fun memories, and there were the typical stressed-out-college-student moments. Overall, I loved this semester! It was my first semester here at Barton College (I’m a …

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Dec 10

Exam Time

Today marks the first day of final exams. I know most people aren’t excited about it, but I’m so ready to get them done! Final exams are the tests that you hear your professor talking about throughout the semester and what most people like the least about academics. Everyone has been studying their butts off around …

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