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  1. “Homeward Bound” (Day 8) — March 7, 2014
  2. It’s “See You Later” Not “Goodbye” — March 6, 2014
  3. Being Haitian in the Dominican! (Day 6) — March 5, 2014
  4. Day of FUN! (Day 5) — March 4, 2014
  5. Dominican Religious Experiences (Day 4) — March 4, 2014

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Mar 07

“Homeward Bound” (Day 8)

It is the last day of our adventure and it is bitter sweet.  It is exciting to be closing the distance between us and our friends and families.  It is equally hard to leave behind this Caribbean paradise filled with all of our new friends.  There will always be a piece of us that stays …

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Mar 06

It’s “See You Later” Not “Goodbye”


Our last full day in the Dominican Republic started off with a short walk to the beautiful beach. The bright sunshine and salt water was exactly what we all needed. A few of us did not realize how strong the Dominican sun could be until we felt the painful touch of our clothing against our …

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Mar 05

Being Haitian in the Dominican! (Day 6)


Today we went back to the Haitian church where the children also have school during the day and did wellness checks on all of them and some adults. The wellness checks include taking height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, respirations and a basic appearance assessment. The Haitian community was extremely welcoming and the parents seemed relieved …

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Mar 04

Day of FUN! (Day 5)


The Dove Mission Center is closed on Mondays, so we decided today would be a good day to support tourism in Puerto Plata! We had an amazing time visiting the 27 Waterfalls. This involves a 3-hour hike involving sliding down and jumping off of 27 waterfalls, and we all had a blast. The views were …

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Mar 04

Dominican Religious Experiences (Day 4)

unnamed (3)

Yesterday we all had the opportunity to experience the religious culture here in the Dominican Republic. The first church that we visited was a traditional Dominican Catholic church. The first thing that i noticed was the phenomenal architecture of the building, including the very intricate and beautiful stained glass. The small details in the church …

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Mar 03

Bournigal Medical Center (Day 2)

Dominican Republic March 2014 138

Today we had the privilege to visit the private medical clinic in Puerto Plata. This medical center had the same things you would see in a hospital in the U.S.: Emergency Room, Laboratory, Intensive Care Unit, and even a Neonatal Unit. Also, this clinic is considered private and one must pay out of pocket or …

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Mar 02

Barrios (neighborhood) (Day 2)

The Haitian barrios (neighborhoods) were very moving. We were all able to see how the Haitian Dominicans lived and how the earthquake affected their lives. Even though the Haitians had very little, everyone was so loving, accepting of us being there, and willing to help others. What touched me the most was when I saw …

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Mar 02

Dia de jugar (Day of Play) (Day 3)


Hola amigos! What a fun and exciting day we have had in the Dominican Republic! All of the local children had the day off from school and were at the Dove Mission Children’s Center, nearly 100 children were present. We interacted with the children all morning and played games with them until it was time …

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Mar 02

Our Arrival to Puerto Plata (Day 1)

Minter's Pictures 012

After a long but enjoyable flight (a first time on a plane for a few) we were greeted by drums and song in the terminal. We made our way through customs, our passports stamped, we stepped into the heat and overwhelming sense of life and bright color that we had read about in our preparation. …

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