May 17

Field Biology Day 5

Today was more of a relief than anything. Knowing that it was the last day of doing observations, catching animals, and inspecting plants felt amazing. We started off the day with breakfast and a little meeting as usual. We then had a short walk from the cabin to the first trail of the day. It was a colder day, though the sun started to peak out around 10 or 11. Everyone today looked pooped but intrigued to finish up the course with a solid grade. We hiked about three miles this morning and then ate lunch. After lunch, we headed to Curtis Creek, where everyone was interested in helping Dr. Carpenter locate different species of salamanders and different larvae and nymphs. Although it was hard to find different species from those we already had found, we all put in good effort to find them. After the creek, we came back and got all prettied up for the BBQ dinner. I do think that we could all agree that it was probably the best dinner of the week! We then headed back to the cabin, stuffed with food, to start the long night of studying!

Alex David