May 13

Field Biology Day 1

Hey ! This summer, I am taking the field biology class – 006. Field biology class is an interactive class, where we get to explore various species and plants in the mountains. This class is about five weeks long inside the classroom; we met every Friday and a week in the mountains! Today, we started our day off by meeting at the science building and then loading up the vans for the trip. We left Barton at around 8 a.m. and started heading out. About an hour into the journey, one of the vans broke down, so we had to call Dr. Pennington to helps us get a new van! Dr. Pennington fortunately came to the rescue. While the car was sitting on the side of the highway, we went to lunch at Wendy’s ! After that, we returned and headed to the mountains – finally! We made to Christmount around 4:15 p.m., and then we started unloading and getting settled in. Once we had things all settled in, we headed to the Christmount trail!

The first thing we observed was a salamander. Further, while walking the trail, we saw various plants like Rosebay Rhododedron, Eastern Hemlock, Cherry Birch, Black Cherry, Tulip Tree, Japanese Knot Leaf, etc. We also saw some snakes such as the ring neck snake. The ring neck snake had a ring around it’s neck, which was extremely cool. While we were on the trail, we also were journaling in our notebooks/journals. The journals are meant to be sort of a notebook where the entire day’s experience is written down. We also learned a little bit of history as well. The best part was being active in the field. I definitely did step out of my comfort zone. I tried to catch a few things. However, I wasn’t too successful; but I did good for day one!

Then, after finishing the trail, we came back to the cabins and headed out for dinner. We had Taco Bell for dinner… I know what y’all are thinking… Yummm, right?! After dinner, while the students hung out at the cabins reviewing and what not, the professors (Dr. Basinger and Dr. Carpenter) went to the grocery store for some shopping! Another great part was that they bought me Oreos! After they returned, we reviewed our entire day’s journey! Overall, I would say it was a successful day. I am enjoying this trip so far :) I hope y’all have a good night– and take care now, Bulldogs !