Apr 07

Greenwich time!

To start off our morning, we took a lovely boat ride to Greenwich around the Thames. This was very nice because we had a tour guide who helped make the ride more meaningful and he was very funny which was also a plus. I keep learning more and more new things every day about London because it is impossibly big! Some of the architecture of the buildings along the Thames is so impressively beautiful you can’t help but to stare at it for hours on end. This is was also my first experience seeing Tower Bridge and it was cool actually going underneath it on the water and waving to the people walking up top along the bridge.

The most exciting and most anticipated part of the trip was going to the Royal Observatory and National Maritime Museum to straddle the prime meridian (I mean really, who has never wished to actually be in two places at once?) This was very interesting for me to think about and I had to be one of “those girls” who took a picture on it.


After that we walked back down the hill into the town of Greenwich and visited a museum, the Greenwich market, and even stopped for a light snack at a recommended restaurant called Café Sol. I feel like Greenwich is an ideal place to take someone on a date and walk around to see all of the cute shops, sit in the grass and enjoy the views of the town.