Mar 07

“Homeward Bound” (Day 8)

It is the last day of our adventure and it is bitter sweet.  It is exciting to be closing the distance between us and our friends and families.  It is equally hard to leave behind this Caribbean paradise filled with all of our new friends.  There will always be a piece of us that stays in the Dominican Republic.  It is not there because of the beautiful landscape and warm weather, but because of the impact that Liz, Juan, Martina, Sara, Victor, and so many other wonderful people had on us.


Leaving our home for the week was emotional to say the least.  Our gracious hosts looked just as sad to see us leaving as we were to go.  We traveled to the airport in true Dominican style, playing Reggaeton and Merengue music and having a dance party with Pepe the van driver.  Our final salutations were made and we got on the airplane back to the states.


Looking out of the window back at the Dominican there is an overwhelming feeling that overcomes us.  It is rewarding to know how we impacted the lives of all of those Dominican and Haitian children and adults.  Even more notable is the impression that they all left on us.  Hopefully we all are bringing back a little piece of the Dominican.  Everyone can take a lesson from their humble and helpful way of life and the fact that individuals with so little still give everything that they possibly can to help a neighbor, friend, or a stranger.  We all should try to bring back a little bit of the “Island Time” lifestyle that we have grown to love.


Signing off for team Dominican 2014,


Eric L. and Caroline W. –Senior Nursing Students

Dominican Republic March 2014 082