Mar 04

Day of FUN! (Day 5)

The Dove Mission Center is closed on Mondays, so we decided today would be a good day to support tourism in Puerto Plata!

We had an amazing time visiting the 27 Waterfalls. This involves a 3-hour hike involving sliding down and jumping off of 27 waterfalls, and we all had a blast. The views were amazing. It was definitely a unique experience that we will all remember. We had 2 tour guides who led us through the waters, ensuring that we were safe and having a good time. One of them was particularly gifted in mimicking animal sounds which kept us all laughing, even when we were out of breath from the hike! :) Gary, one of the guides, had worked there for 15 years and said he grew up playing on the waterfalls. He definitely was confident with maneuvering around the waters – such an adrenaline junkie! We enjoyed watching him jump from rock to rock and jump from the highest points into the water. We were concerned about the weather but it turned out to be a perfect day for outdoor activities.


After finishing up with our water adventure, we took advantage of the rest of our day by taking a ride on the cable car, which showed us magnificent views of the Dominican Republic from the La Isabela de Torres mountain. An interesting fact about this mountain is that Christopher Columbus established this settlement and it was one of the first European settlements in America! The elevation of this mountain allowed us to see a major part of the coast, from the beach to the tropical views of the forest. The different shades of the ocean were a gorgeous site from up above. When we arrived to the top, there was a replica of Christ the Redeemer, a famous statue that overlooks Puerto Plata and is a symbol of hope for all. We were told there is a tropical botanical garden up there as well that covers 7 acres of land including many varieties of tropical plants. Of course, we had to take a peek in the gift shop before heading back down!


Our day was made complete by a relaxing evening at Big Lee’s Beach Hut. We looked out onto the water and relaxed by reflecting on the once in lifetime memories that we made today.



Christie D. & Alex L. ~Junior Nursing Students