Mar 03

Bournigal Medical Center (Day 2)

Dominican Republic March 2014 138

Today we had the privilege to visit the private medical clinic in Puerto Plata. This medical center had the same things you would see in a hospital in the U.S.: Emergency Room, Laboratory, Intensive Care Unit, and even a Neonatal Unit. Also, this clinic is considered private and one must pay out of pocket or use insurance to go here, whereas at the public hospital  that is not the case. The public hospital takes people with insurance and without insurance and we were told that the public hospital was not as nice as the private clinic. At the clinic, I was very impressed with how clean it appeared and how nice the staff was. We met a Doctor there and he spoke some English so it made it easier to communicate with him. We then took an entire tour of the clinic. The clinic itself is not powered by air conditioner, but each room has its own fan to keep that room cool. There are windows in the clinic and they were all open to let in fresh air. Compared to the United States, I was somewhat concerned with the sterility of the environment due to the open windows and every kind of street fume flowing in where patients are waiting. Overall, the clinic was very nice and very clean with a highly professional staff.  I would definitely go there if I needed to and would feel completely safe and in good hands.


-Kayla L.