Mar 02

Barrios (neighborhood) (Day 2)

Dominican Republic March 2014 082The Haitian barrios (neighborhoods) were very moving. We were all able to see how the Haitian Dominicans lived and how the earthquake affected their lives. Even though the Haitians had very little, everyone was so loving, accepting of us being there, and willing to help others. What touched me the most was when I saw a building that was severely affected by the flood, only the front of the building remained. After walking through the barrios, we were able to visit a local home and see how the family lived everyday. The house was very small, with little lighting. Chickens, pigs, and goats were kept outside their home to raise and later sell. The newly adopted practice of recycling is of great significance in the Haitian barrios, multiple bags full of plastic bottles covered the yard of one home. Compared to Grand Guave, Haiti, where I traveled last spring break, the barrios were very similar. Trash is all over the streets and in the water; Feces and urine travel down the stream in the street. However, everyone was still very kind and welcoming.

Zoe- Sophomore Nursing Student