Jan 18

First Week in London!

Wow, where should I begin? After a long journey of delayed and missed flights, I finally made it London. The first amazing thing that happened on my trip was miraculously switching with another person on the plane to first class. I had no idea these customers got treated so well. I had a chair (that could recline and massage I might add) all to my self also a TV with a variety of movies to choose from. I had a full course meals starting with an appetizer and ending with a delicious dessert. It was quite the experience flying into Europe with a full and happy stomach.

As I moved into my room, I met a variety of people who are also in my program. For the first couple days we had the opportunity to unpack and do some exploring of the city on our own until the start of orientation on Monday. We all went on a quick walking tour of London that included the British Museum, Buckingham Palace, big ben, the London eye and a variety of other historical landmarks.

After that our awesome program director took us all to a pub and bought us a pint of whatever beer we wanted. However, he ended up leaving all of us there on purpose so we could learn how to use the public transportation systems (aka the tube) to get back on our own, which was not that difficult at all!

Last night the whole group went bowling to this awesome place very close to our residence hall. If you love the show Mad Men like me then you would adore this place because it looks like something they would use on their set.

Today we walked all over London to try to become more familiar with our surroundings and I can proudly say I only got lost twice!

It has only been one week here but I can tell already that I am going to really like it. I am excited to see what other adventures London has in store for me.