May 16

Day 3 – Mt. Mitchell and Curtis Creek

Today was day 3 in the Appalachian Mountains, and we visited Mt. Mitchell. This was a very cool experience because Mt. Mitchell happens to be the largest mountain east of the Mississippi River. The name of the mountain has a story to go along with it. It was named after Elisha Mitchell who died trying to measure the height of the mountain. His body is buried there, and you can see the memorial as soon as you reach the very top of the mountain.

After hiking, we went to Curtis Creek, and that’s the part I enjoyed the most out of the trip. We got into the actual creek and used nets to catch things like crayfish and tadpoles. There was also some humor in the trip because several students fell inside the creek! The water was very low, so no one was harmed; and overall we had a very good day.

I am very thankful for the opportunity to experience something different because this is my first time in the mountains. We are halfway through, and I can’t wait to see what adventure we will go on tomorrow!

Celecia Manning