May 16

Day 3 – Creatures of the Mountains

Today, we really enjoyed ourselves here at Blue Ridge Parkway. It was a different pace than yesterday’s activities, which I’m sure everyone appreciated! We started the day off at the Folk Art Center where we viewed a bunch of cool craft work. From there, we took a long ride up Blue Ridge where, on the way, we stopped and identified a few new plants and also went on a short hunt for rattlesnakes! Our next stop was walking through Craggy Gardens trails and observing bald grasslands. Next, we headed to Mt. Mitchell where the temperature dropped to about 55 degrees since we were at 6,684 feet of elevation. This is the highest peak east of the Mississippi. Our final stop was Curtis Creek. Here we got in waist-deep water searching for all types of creatures! We found things from salamanders to the nymphs of different flies. Overall, everyone enjoyed today’s adventures!

Mariah White :)