May 24

Day 4 – Up to Chimney Rock

Today we started a little earlier than we normally do. On most days, we start at 8:00 AM, but today we started at 7:45. Fifteen minutes of sleep can be the difference in waking up in a good mood or a bad mood for some. No matter what mood some of us may have been in, we all cheered up when it was newt time. We went to the local YMCA to try our hands at catching newts. I believe the first person to throw out a net caught a newt, and the rest of the time at the YMCA was just as successful. We saw several different things including a Canada Goose. After the YMCA, we went to Chimney Rock to hike up to Chimney Rock and Exclamation Point. (This was only half of the day. To find out about the rest of the day read George’s blog). The hike up to Chimney Rock consisted of close to 500 steps that took a toll on your legs. Although the walk was tough, by the time you reached Chimney Rock, it was definitely worth the hard work. If the trek to Chimney Rock was not enough for you, we had a solution for that – The hike to Exclamation Point. Exclamation Point did not have as many steps, but definitely had more adventures. One of these adventures was catching a Black Racer snake. To sum up the first half of the day is a difficult task because you can’t put how beautiful this day was into words. All I can say is I can tell you about the animals, but you have to see the sights for yourself.

Ethan Maske