May 11

Students Exploring NC Mountains-2012

Hi! It’s Friday, May 11, and I’m doing some preparations for BIO 006, a field biology course focused on the Appalachian mountains along the southern section of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Something new for the course this year is that students will be blogging about their experience here. We head out Monday, and the first blog post should be Monday night. The field part of this course is one week, so the last post would be on Saturday. But we’ve had so many students sign up this year that we’re doing two sections! That means two trips, and blogs will go for two weeks. So if you know people in the course, or if you want to learn more about what we do, or if you’re just bored and surfing, check in on us! There will be something new every day from 5/14 – 5/26.

Dr. Jim Carpenter