May 14

Day 1 – Tired but Feeling Good

It’s Monday, May 14th, at 9:44 pm, and I just finished an exciting first day on the BIO 006 field biology course. We departed Barton College at 8:00 am to journey to Christmount in Black Mountain, NC. Overall, the first day was quite successful. Truthfully speaking, I was nervous about coming on this trip as I do not have much experience with nature. The forecast for Monday suggested severe thunderstorms with a high of 77; however, the weather was not bad.

We departed Group Lodge 101 at 2:40 pm to embark on a four-mile hike through the trails. We started on the Azalea Trail. Siri, my iPhone 4, said that the temperature was 68. She is so smart!!! I probably should have been working out prior to this because the journey up this trail was steep to say the least. I think my calf muscles will be stronger by the end of the week. As we traveled along the trail, we saw different trees such as the eastern hemlock and tulip poplar and also saw a wide variety of ferns such as the lady fern and Christmas fern, just to name a few.

On the Azalea trail we captured a crayfish and several mountain dusky salamanders. Our travel back towards our lodge took us on the Blue Ridge Trail. We were equally successful with the capture of several animals, the highlight being a ring-neck snake that we named “Spongey.” If you look below you can see a picture of Spongey being held by one of my classmates.

I am tired, but feel good about my day. I am looking forward to the adventures that we are scheduled to have this week as we learn more about the North Carolina mountains.

Below are some pictures that we took throughout the day. I hope you enjoy them!!!

Check out this blog throughout the week as more of my classmates will be highlighting the activities of the BIO 006 course.

Markiesha Edgerton
Class of 2012

Mariah holding Spongey