May 25

Day 5 – Learning in the Mountains

Today our class visited the nature center in Asheville. We had been talking about all kinds of animals all week, but some had not made an appearance. We found a few reptiles during the week and some snakes, but some big animals have not been spotted. We visited the black bear first, which was pretty fun to watch. They are some big animals! We saw all kinds of snakes including the copperhead and timber rattlesnake, which are two of the most poisonous snakes around the area. Needless to say, I’m glad they were on the other side of the glass. They are beautiful animals, but this guy doesn’t do snakes. We saw a cougar and bobcat also while there, and, let me tell you, that ain’t your ordinary house cat. They were some intimidating animals. Today we also went to a river to do some sampling of different kinds of animals. We found a few fish and all different kinds of flies. That water was numbingly cold! We got used to it after while, though. Overall it has been an interesting day and a successful week. I learned a whole lot more than imagined. I recommend this class to anybody even if you aren’t a biology major. I’m a business management major and had a great time; so, if my big self can get up them mountains, most should be fine. LOL. Hope everybody gets a chance to experience this trip.

Zack Hicks