May 17

Day 4 – Fun on the Field Biology Trip

Day #4 with the BC field biology crew! Today was a change in pace from yesterday. We spent the day at Chimney Rock where we did a lot of hiking and stair climbing! Chimney Rock Park has a lot of stairs to help you get to the summit and then continue to what is called Exclamation Point (the view from here was great!!!!!) :) After reaching this height, we walked down, ate lunch, and then hiked to a beautiful waterfall where we were able to climb down the rocks and stand under the waterfall!!!! That pretty much sums up our day so far! Next on the list is grilling out and then a night hike, which I’m sure will prove to be very interesting, and extremely fun! Keep reading and look for how our last two days here on the mountain go! :)

Hannah Nicholson