May 25

Day 5 – Time Flies

Our fifth day of this Bio trip, and I really can’t believe how fast the week has gone by. Most of the group is ready to go home, and so am I; but I wouldn’t mind another day or so. Curtis Creek was our first stop today, at an elevation of 1700 feet. The water was really cold, but we got used to it after a few minutes. We found several tiny fish, nymphs, and an ugly grub worm.

Our second stop was at Charles D. Owens park. Here we caught several invertebrates like dragonflies, damselflies, nymphs, and butterflies. Watching Dr. Carpenter chase down insects and other animals was fun and really got me more interested in the stuff we did. We also caught a frog and saw a duck’s nest that contained 8 eggs.

Our final stop was the Western NC Nature Center where we ate lunch and got to see several animals that we wouldn’t have liked to run into like the black bear and timber rattler. We also got to see other animals close-up, such as cougars and otters. The day went pretty quickly, but it was pretty enjoyable.