May 24

Day 4 – Four Seasons Trail and Falls

After lunch, we began our hike on the Hickory Nut Falls trail. The hike was not hard, but the incline was a little steep at some points. The view on the trail was amazing, and we spotted plant species that we had not seen before. At one point on the trail, we came across a bridge. Dr. Carpenter explained how the bridge came to be. The bridge was made because of a landslide caused by excessive rainfall. When we arrived at the Hickory Nut Falls, I was an awe. It was amazing to see how a small stream on the top of Chimney Rock created an amazing view and unique environment with endemic species such as the Yellow Root. At the falls, we also encountered a small Northern water snake, which was very docile and friendly. On our hike back to the van using the Four Seasons trail, we encountered a sickly garter snake. This trail was very peaceful, and I enjoyed the serenity of it until Dr. Carpenter almost stepped on a copperhead, which a fellow classmate and I almost stepped on. The day was a great day, and we ended by experiencing nature at night, which was one of the most peaceful things I have ever done and would gladly do again. I look forward to tomorrow, and my time in the mountains has been well spent.

George Negron