May 23

Day 3 – May 23

The rain made today very interesting. I think I really would have enjoyed the hike at Mount Mitchell, but the rain was a big distraction. The trail was like nothing I’d ever seen before. There were caves, old logs, a lot of stones, and other things throughout the trail. I enjoyed walking through the woods like that though. It just would have been better to do it dry! I think the view would have been beautiful at the top, and it’s a shame we couldn’t actually see much. The museum at Mount Mitchell was pretty cool too. It had so many different ways of seeing the things we’d been learning about. We also went to the folk art center. I really enjoyed it because all of the hand-crafted items were so interesting and beautiful. I can’t imagine being able to make anything like that. I wish we could have bought things, but they were kind of expensive! The jewelry and vases were both really pretty. The Craggy Gardens Trail was also pretty cool. It was a short trail, and at the top you got to go to the balds. The balds were different. I’d never seen anything like this before, so it was good to learn about why they are there. Once again though, the rain didn’t help matters. We couldn’t see the pretty views, and it was a very wet climb. I also enjoyed Bull Creek. This was cool because we got to go off and explore, and try to find new things to identify on our own. Taylor, Erika, and I all were trying to catch the same salamander and he got away from all 3 of us! Overall, the day would have been really good had it not been for the rain. We were all soaked head to toe by the end, but the stuff that we actually did was pretty interesting!

-Elizabeth Webb