May 18

Day 5 – Seeing, Hearing, and Handling the Wildlife

Today, we started out at the Western North Carolina Nature Center. There they had species native to North Carolina. My favorite animal that I got to see was the grey wolf. I did not realize how big these wolves actually are until today. They are beautiful animals; there was a white one and a grey one. Also, first thing this morning we got to hear the coyotes howl and yelp. I have heard them several time in the wild, and it is still an amazing thing to hear. One animal that I wanted to see was the red wolf. I guess it stayed in its hut all day. Another great animal was the timber rattlesnake. There were three different colors of the rattlesnake.

Our second stop was Catawba Falls. It was a long hike, but was very relaxing. At the start of the hike, we missed a snake that we tried to catch. Once we got to the waterfall, we captured crayfish, stone flies, may flies, Dobson flies, larval fish, and a northern water snake. It was a good-size snake, maybe two-feet long. It had a strong musk smell. Also, while at this site, Max caught the only female crayfish. Today was an exciting day.