May 17

Day 4 – A Great Experience

Day 4 of the field biology trip was excellent! Our first stop was the YMCA Blue Ridge Assembly where we found more newts, blue gill fish, a water scorpion, and a bullfrog tadpole. Next, we went to Chimney Rock Park and hiked up Chimney Rock to Exclamation Point – the view was amazing! We also got to hike to the waterfall at Chimney Rock Park and walked down by the waterfall. It was a little warmer today than the previous days, so the mist we felt from the waterfall was refreshing. This was my favorite part of the trip so far. The views from Exclamation Point and the waterfall were well worth all the hiking. We also found a water snake while hiking to the waterfall. We had a little downtime before going on a night hike where we were paired off and given a spot to sit in the woods. We heard a lot of random noises in the woods, but that was probably just because I was a little on edge! I was happy to see Dr. Carpenter walking back up the trail to get us. Day 4 was a great experience!

Ashley Horne