Apr 20

Working Hard for the Money

With summer quickly approaching, the only stressful thing is the huge stack of job applications piled on my desk! Even though paperwork is no fun at all, the hardest part would be finding the perfect summer job. (Plus, it’d be nice if that job came with a big pay check!) Luckily, during the school year, I don’t have to worry about finding a flexible, nearby job because there are lots of opportunities for work study jobs on campus!

The work-study program provides part-time employment to students to help with college expenses. There are over two-hundred-fifty work study jobs offered each semester, and they’re usually posted on our work study bulletin board located outside the Financial Aid office. From jobs ranging from the dining hall to the admissions office, you’re sure to find a job somewhere where you actually enjoy working!

I’m an ambassador here at Barton, and part of my responsibility is to give campus tours, answer the questions of prospective students, work open houses and other special events, and do office work in the admissions office. One of the perks of being an ambassador is that I get to meet so many wonderful people around campus! I basically get paid to talk about how much I absolutely love being a Barton bulldog! And come on, what’s not to love about Barton?!

Working on campus is such a blessing! When you go to work, you don’t even have to start your car, since it’s just across center campus. Sometimes I drop by the office by with five minutes to spare, or even give a tour between classes. Another great thing about working on campus is that your boss will know that school always comes first. Everybody here is more than willing to work around your class schedule and will understand if you need a night off to study for a big test the next day.

If you’ll be attending Barton this fall, make sure to check out the work study board! Also, keep an eye out for posters and flyers for positions around campus. I’m sure there will be some room in our ambassador family! :)

- Jessica