Apr 20

“I Heart Barton”

Coming to Barton  has been a great experience so far. As a first year student, I love the relationships between the professors and students here; it’s completely different than anywhere else! ! You get that one-on-one attention that you might not get anywhere else. It’s great to know that your professors know you by name! In class, we’re always doing a lot of hands-on activities, which allow you interact with your material and teaches you important skills.

The campus looks beautiful in the morning, with the sun rising up, flowers blooming, and the birds singing. The most beautiful part of the campus for me though is Center Campus - it’s just a fabulous view of the whole campus. It feels like a paradise to me.

At Barton, I also love the small class sizes that you are in. We have  25 students at most in a class. It’s so nice to have a small classroom where you are able to pay more attention in class, rather than a classroom that has 500 students and where you’re totally lost. As a Barton student, you can build a lot of relationships with other students, professors and staff. Those relationships are very helpful. Also, if you go to the Hamlin Student Center, you’ll see a lot of students there hanging out in the game room or in Bully’s Grill.

The campus just feels alive throughout the day, and seems to be very active. I love how so many clubs and organizations here hold events on center campus; it makes you feel a part of this college everyday. Athletics at BC are also very alive! So many students on campus go with friends to watch a home games- they’re worth it! The atmosphere is awesome!

I’m proud to be a student of college that is so active, both academically and socially!