Mar 21

March Madness

Who is ready for March Madness? It’s a great time of year for all basketball-loving  fans that enjoy intense fun and exciting three pointers and dunks. March Madness brings the best out in teams. Sixty-four teams competing for one National Championship is exciting and thrilling; you never know who is going to win or go home. Going over my bracket, of course I have the best team winning the championship. I love college basketball because college basketball has more to it and the players have more to live up to and they are enjoying the game for everything else and not a paycheck. College basketball also brings out the best in players and you get to see young talent and students doing something positive. This year was a great year for Barton’s Men’s and Women’s Basketball team. The Women’s basketball team this year finished first in our division and lost in the championship to Limestone College in South Carolina. The girls also made it to the NCAA Division 2 championships and lost to the Wingate College Bulldogs. The Lady Bulldogs had a tremendous season this past year and had a finishing record at 21-9 and a great conference record 11-3. The Men’s basketball team this year had a pretty good season also, and they won the Conference Carolinas Tournament Championship and earned a number 8 seed in the NCAA division, but they lost to the number one seed, Montevallo College. I prefer college basketball because it shows the heart of the players and what they want to make of themselves.  I want to congratulate the teams on a great, successful season and to keep up the good work. Also, I want to mention that the Office of Admissions is hosting its own March Madness in the form of academic days. Join the excitement and visit the Barton website for the dates of the academic days and get your March Madness on. Let’s Go!!!!!!!