Mar 21

Journeys of the Soul – Alternative Spring Break

For my Spring Break, I went on the Alternative Spring Break Trip with the Minority Student Association. The trip was called, “Journeys of the Soul,” where we took a path through Tuskegee, Selma, and Montgomery, Alabama and then proceeded to Atlanta, Georgia. “Journeys of the Soul” was a great educational trip!! It brought forth a deeper understanding of the Civil Rights Movement in Alabama and Georgia.

It was a great learning experience and I was honored to be a part of such great history. My peers and I went to such places as the Tuskegee Airmen Site, Tuskegee University, The Rosa Parks Museum, The Civil Rights Voting Museum, Booker T. Washington’s House, Dr. King’s home pastoral church, Dr. King and Coretta Scott King’s grave site, and we also were given the chance to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

My favorite part of the whole trip was walking across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. The Edmund Pettus Bridge was the same bridge that many Civil Rights activists crossed to get equal voting rights for African Americans. It is also the same bridge that “Bloody Sunday” took place upon. I felt very moved walking across the bridge and I felt like one of the activist walking across it. I could only imagine what was going through the activists’ mind as they were walking across the bridge fighting for their freedom. This alternative spring break trip was a great experience and I recommend anyone to go to these places, whether they are on spring break or not.