Nov 01

To Do or Not to Do?

Well, today has been eventful to say the least! From classes, to soccer games, to basketball games, to some Call of Duty with the guys, to winding down for bed, it’s been an interesting day. Most days at Barton are like this. :) Some of you guys probably think that college is too much work and doesn’t give you a lot of time to do other things outside of schoolwork; but, let me tell you, college life is where it’s at.  And Barton is definitely on point with the new- and old-school things that we, as college students, love to do!

For you guys out there, “Do you ever just want to go and hang with the guys and get away from the girls for a while?” Guess what, Barton and CAB (Campus Activities Board) look after you! From Call of Duty tournaments, to NBA 2K11 tournaments, to even ping pong and foosball tournaments, etc. there is always a way to get away from those girls you can’t seem to live with or live without. Believe me, it’s worth it!

Since Campus Activities Board was brought up, let me tell you a little bit about it. Campus Activities Board is a club/committee that you can join once you become a member of what I like to call “Bulldog Nation.”  This committee/club is in charge of activities and campus life and brings the activities, tournaments, performers, etc., that all Barton students love.  CAB is one of the essential parts of making our college life enjoyable, and it is definitely a hit among students. Back to the point….

Girls, being that I am a very masculine male, I have absolutely no idea what you love to do. My guess would be that you probably enjoy getting together and painting each other’s fingernails, giving facials, doing hair, etc.  Maybe, but I have no idea. What I do know is that you, too, have tons and tons of options as well. Some things that the lady Bulldogs always love to take part in is something called Element 5, which is pretty much a talent show that everyone loves. Girls always love to get together and cook, carve pumpkins, listen to music, etc. I can guarantee you that Barton gives plenty of opportunities to do your girly things. :)

Activities and events at Barton are almost unavoidable. Whatever day of the week it is, whatever specific thing that you want to do, we have it; and, if we don’t, you and a group of friends can make sure that we get it!  I know you guys think that I’m just telling you all this, but I am not!  ITS SERIOUSLY THE REAL DEAL! Instead of asking what to do, the best question is “To do or not to do?”

Until next time, KEEP IT REAL and remember that “BULLDOG NATION” is where its at!