Nov 21

Dorm Life


Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to live in a building with 150 other people?  Well that’s the definition of a college residence hall, and it’s actually not as bad as it sounds.  Barton College has five residence halls: Wenger, Hilley, Hackney, Waters, and East Campus Suites.  Most people say that living in a dorm is all part of the college experience, and in my opinion this statement couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Living on campus is something that I would recommend to any college freshman.  It is the easiest way to meet people, and more often than not, the people you live with become your closest friends at school.  In my case, I didn’t know a single person that was coming to Barton.  That is until I met my current roommate at an Honors Weekend event, and we’ve been together ever since.  Now, we live in Wenger, which is the all-girl’s residence hall, and it’s nice because it’s generally a lot quieter than other places on campus.  And, yes, the bathrooms can get a little cramped, but living so close to someone, you can’t help but develop a relationship with them. Whether its talking about a problem or just needing someone to go to the caf with, it’s always nice to have someone so near.

Another good reason to live in a residence hall is because it’s just fun!  You honestly get to know your neighbors up close and personal, and usually when people get comfortable with the people they live with they’re able to let loose and do some crazy things.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been hanging out in my room, and my next door neighbors just break out in song, and it turns into a mini jam session – those are the good times!  The best part of dorm life is that late hour of the night when everyone needs a study break and a good laugh. You come together, maybe go out and do something, and that’s honestly when you get to know those people the best.  Then, after a little bit of bonding, you’ll always have someone readily available and willing to help you out with whatever you need.  The girls on my hall have truly become my best friends, confidantes, and on one or two occasions my life-savers, and all simply because we live within a 50 foot radius of each other.