Nov 16

Applying 101

I remember that when I was in high school, the application process seemed so overwhelming! Especially when you are applying to a lot of schools. Each school has a different application, different types of admissions counselors, and different deadlines. Then you have to worry about narrowing down which school is the best school for you. I’m here to help you through our application process. At Barton, not only is our application easy, we also have a lot of different ways for students to find out more about Barton to see if it is the right place for them.

Even if you are not ready to apply, it is still a good idea to fill out a request for information form. By doing this, you will be mailed information about our campus and programs. This is a really easy way learn more about Barton. You can access this at  http://www.barton.edu/info

Another good way to find out about Barton is to come to one of our Open Houses. You can do this before or after you apply. There are different types of Open Houses. You can come to a general Open House, for freshman or transfer students, where you will get an overview of our campus and all of its programs and majors. You can also come to a Major Day. This will focus on your specific major of study and all that Barton has to offer in that particular program. Coming to an Open House is a great way to be part of the Barton campus for a day. You can interact with professors, students, and your admissions counselors. You can also schedule a private tour if you can’t make one of the Open House dates. Or, if you are an out of state student, like I was, you can talk to one of our admissions counselors to find out anything you ever wanted to know about Barton College! You can see the Open House schedule and private tour registrations at http://www.barton.edu/visit

If you are ready to apply, you should go ahead and complete the online application now! What are you waiting for? That Barton application is free, short, and easy. What could be better than that? So seriously, if you are ready to apply, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. It will only take you about 5-10 minutes! Apply! You can find the application at http://www.barton.edu/apply

Once you have submitted our application, sit down with your parents and complete the FAFSA. The faster you get this in, the faster our financial aid department can calculate your aid package. It is important to remember that your actual cost will be a lot lower than Barton’s “sticker price.” Our financial aid counselors will work with you and your family to make college as affordable as they possibly can! They will be able to help you with grants, scholarships, and, of course, financial aid with the information from the FAFSA. Trust me, Barton is a lot more affordable than you think! You can find the FAFSA application here http://www.fafsa.ed.gov/ – and Barton’s school code for the FAFSA is 002908-00.

It is also very important to talk to your admissions counselor throughout the whole process. They are here to help you. I’m a student worker in the admissions office and I can honestly say that they are the kindest people ever!!!!! I know that as a high school student I always thought that admissions offices had these big, bad, mean, horrible people who could care less about whether the students got into college. I was so surprised when I applied to Barton. I actually felt really bad that I had this completely wrong view of admissions counselors. All of these counselors care about you and abou helping you get everything you need for your application. It is truly is all about YOU! They will help you through the whole process from the initial application to transcripts to merit scholarships and any questions you have about Barton. Being an out of state student (I am from southern California), I did not have a chance to visit Barton before I attended. My admissions counselor not only helped me get my application together, she also helped me find out more about Barton. She even talked to my parents to ease all their fears of sending their daughter across the nation. I knew right away that Barton was a place where each student mattered. A place where people would help me to get the best out of my education. This link will take you to the phone numbers for our admissions counselors http://www.barton.edu/admissions/adm_staff.htm

I hope that this helped the application process seem a little bit easier. Honestly, I think what makes our application process different from any other school is the amazing team of counselors working in the admissions office. After applying to Barton, I realized that applying to college was not as overwhelming as I thought it was going to be. It was actually kinda fun!

Always Proud to be a Bulldog,