Oct 17

So Far, So Good!

Two months ago from today, I was stuffing my trunk with cute outfits, room decor, and school supplies that were being taken to Wilson, NC. At that time, I could only wonder what was in store for me at Barton College. Now, here I sit, writing about all the friendly faces and wonderful experiences that Barton has put into my life, and college life has just started!

One of the perks of going to a smaller school is the fact that you get to know a lot of people on a more personal level. I love waving to smiling classmates when I pass them while walking to class through center campus, in the dining hall, or just hanging around in the student center. I also love passing by the girls that live on my floor, and find it very useful that a lot of them have at least one class with me this semester! It makes it real easy to arrange study sessions and ask for help on homework when I’m stuck on a problem.