Aug 31

Hey There! Did You Miss Me?

Hey, Barton College! Did you miss me?

Well, the time has come, and everyone is back in the swing of college. New students have been welcomed with the busy but always enjoyable Orientation Weekend, including Bulldog Day at Camp Rockfish, and old faces have been welcomed back. It’s only the second week and people are buzzing about like little worker bees (clichés are good when they are actually true) and already worrying themselves silly with final exams. It’s only the second week and the vitality of Barton College burns with a vengeance, as if to make up for the lazy days in the summer sun.

And, me? Well, I never really leave Barton College. Most of my summer was spent working as a counselor at the camp that Barton hosts over the course of six weeks during June and July. And where did I go four days after the conclusion of Camp Shining Stars? Right back to Barton to start training for my new position as a Residential Assistant here for one of the dorms. It’s a new year and I’m only just starting to recognize all the faces I wear. I am a full time student who has to make time for studying and classes and future careers – and for making coffee so that I can be awake for it all. I am a friend who goes to parties or the park with her best friends. I am an RA responsible for the safety and comfort of the students under my care and the enforcer of the conditions they have agreed to live under as residents in Wenger Hall. I am a student worker trying to make a little extra money so mom and dad don’t have to worry. I am Lillie, who steps back to catch my breath for five minutes or looks in the mirror to put on the next face I have to wear. And, this is the reality for many other Barton students, whether they know it or not.

It’s back to school and back to the different faces we wear.