May 03

Sunny Skies and Smooth Sailing

Spring is blooming across Barton’s campus, and there is nothing better than sitting out on the lawn enjoying the sunshine. In fact, at the moment, that’s just what I’m up to: sitting out on the lawn, sipping an iced coffee, listening to some guys I know playing soccer, and writing this blog. It’s a college student’s paradise.

That’s probably one of the best parts of being at Barton College, just being able to laze out in the sun. Right now, the dog woods, azaleas, and a multitude of other flowering plants are decorating the campus; and the goldfish are sunning themselves just below the surface of the fountain. And, that is part of the Barton charm.

No other campus I’ve been on so far has had such a relaxed air. Almost every person passing by me as I relax here, I know by name. Friends congregate without any formal decision. There is no pressure. And, if you get the urge for a different atmosphere, the park, complete with swings (which are the coolest), a lake,  and a couple of jungle gyms, is a ten minute walk away,

There is something to be said for springtime at Barton College.