Apr 07

One Day Without Shoes!

On April 5th, Campus Compassion held an event at Barton called One Day Without Shoes. It was a voluntary event where students and faculty were encouraged to go a day without shoes to support others that cannot afford shoes. This is a great event that was started by the TOMS shoe company, and it has inspired me even more to buy a pair of TOMS (or maybe two).

So, I took my shoes off in class, but I wore flip flops around outside. During lunch there was a band playing in the cafe, and they were amazing! The singer was really good, and he was singing upbeat music that all college students love listening to.

After the band played for a little while, we walked the Barton Mile around campus to support the cause even further. We could walk the Barton Mile barefoot or with shoes on; I walked with my shoes on. I was still supporting the cause, but I kept my flip flops on because I am a little funny when it comes to feet and stuff like that!


Campus Compassion did a great job of publicizing the event. There were signs up everywhere, e-mails were sent out, posters were up, and the event got recorded and posted on Barton’s YouTube channel. A lot of my Delta Zeta sisters participated in the no-shoe event, and several walked in the Barton Mile. During lunch we got our picture taken with our shoes off to show that we support the cause!

One Day Without Shoes was a lot of fun and made me realize how lucky I am to not only have one pair of shoes but several pairs of shoes! There are some people that don’t have shoes at all, so this has inspired me to buy a pair of TOMS, as I said earlier. When you buy a pair of TOMS, they donate a pair of shoes to someone that doesn’t have any. So, not only are you getting a cute, comfy pair of shoes, your money is also going to a great cause to help out the world one step at a time!


Candice :)