Apr 11

Love at First Bite!

My favorite Wilson restaurant is Carolina Cheese Company. I could probably go on for days about how much I love this place, but I will just give you the rundown; and you can try it for yourself when you get here.

So, for me I love going to a little deli and getting my food and reading the newspaper or a magazine by myself. That is the perfect “me” time. I was introduced to Carolina Cheese Company my freshman year when my parents came down for the weekend and my dad wanted to check it out. I thought it was just a specialty store where you could buy different sauces and cheeses. I had no idea the treasure it really held – their sandwiches and sides!

Well, we went in and ate lunch, and it was love at first bite! I could live off of their sandwiches, soups, sides, and desserts! My absolute favorite, though, is the Zesty Chick sandwich with a side of Yukon Gold Potato Soup! Can you say, “YUMM!!”? And, let’s not forget their delicious sweet tea!

Carolina Cheese Company makes their bread fresh daily, and it is so worth it! You can get half a sandwich, a small soup, and a drink for less than $10.00. What a deal! And, they only use Boar’s Head meats, which are the absolute best!

Carolina Cheese Company is my little getaway. I love hanging out there with a magazine or a close friend. They always have a great music playing in the background. It is never too hot and never too cold. I have even sat outside a few times to enjoy the beautiful weather! I can say that, of all the different sandwiches I have tried, I can’t think of one that I didn’t like. So, when I say there is something for everyone, there really is!

My best advice for finding a restaurant that you love is to step outside of your comfort zone. Go somewhere one day by yourself. I LOVE eating a lunch by myself. I know a lot of people hate going places by themselves, but eating by yourself is like a little treat. You don’t have to carry on a conversation, and you can enjoy your lunch!