Apr 19

Greek Sing!

Hey, y’all!

As you all know, I am a sister of Delta Zeta here at Barton College; and every year we have this competition called Greek Sing. Greek Sing was this past Friday night. Each organization – fraternity and sorority – puts together their own show. It can be a skit, song and dance, or whatever your heart desires; but most of the time it is a dance and theme competition. Our theme this year was Delta Zeta Sugar Shack! We did a bunch of songs related to making candy or working in a candy shop! As we practiced this routine, we all got a lot closer this year. We had a blast, and that is what matters most!

This year we did not win, but I would like to say “Congratulations” to the brothers of Pi Kappa Phi and the sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma for winning. Everyone did a great job, and the crowds went crazy on everyone’s performance! It is one fun-filled night, and I think it’s a great way to bring the Greek community together!

At the Greek Show, we also announce Greek Man and Woman of the Year, Advisor of the Year, and Best Overall Academic Performance. Greek Man and Woman of the Year is a very respectable and honorable award that goes to one male and one female who has shown outstanding service and commitment to their organization and Greek life as a whole.

The Greek Male of the Year was Greg Warren of Sigma Phi Epsilon. I know Greg through Orientation because he was an Orientation Leader last year, and I had the pleasure of getting to know him. Greg is a great guy, very fun to be around, and has a heart bigger than anyone I have met.

Greek Woman of the Year was given to my very best friend, President of Delta Zeta, Faith Hewett. Faith deserves this award more than anyone else I can think of. Faith gives you 200% all of the time, all day, everyday. She and I have grown closer in the past two years, and I don’t know how I have survived my life without her. She is my heart, and I am her backbone :) . Whenever you need someone to listen, she has the best ears. Whenever you need a shoulder, hers is the softest. But, most importantly, whenever you need a friend, she is the best one anyone could ever ask for. I am so proud of her for everything that she does.

Greek Advisor of the Year was awarded to Tony Tilley, and, boy, does he deserve it! Tony is the advisor for Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity. Tony does so many things on campus and with the fraternity that I don’t know how he has time to sleep! Tony is always on top of his game and knows more about campus and campus life than anyone else on campus! He is the eyes and ears of campus, and he does a great job with the brothers of Alpha Sigma Phi! Congratulations, Tony!


Candice :)