Apr 27

Great Reads Part II

Earlier I posted about some of my favorite authors and what I recommend for you to read during the summer, so this is Part II. This time I have chosen to talk about Jude Deveraux.

Jude Deveraux has more than 50 books to read, so I suggest you start now! I have read a lot of her books, but I don’t think I have even made a dent in them yet. But, I will keep working on them!

My favorite Deveraux books have been the ones about a summer house and the beach. Like Jodi Picoult, Jude Deveraux puts real life situations into a book with different views from different characters. She has characters that deal with love, hate, life, and death. Some of her books are romance novels; and some are about family and the fact that, no matter what, a family has your back.

Several of her books are on my list for summer reading. Now, don’t pick on me. I really don’t make a list of books to read each summer, but I do usually stick to my favorite authors until I have read all of their books. I am almost done with all of Jodi Picoult’s books, so I will be moving on to more from Jude Deveraux soon!

My favorite Deveraux book thus far is The Summerhouse. Hands down! It is about three women that are about to turn 40, and they all have the same birthday. They venture off together for their 40th birthday; but, when they meet a mysterious woman who makes their wishes and “what-might-have-beens” true, they have a decision to make as to whether they prefer their dreams or their real lives. This may be one of the hardest choices of their lives because they know what they have and what they could have had. The catch, though, is that they cannot have the best of both worlds. So, which one does each lady choose?

The other book by Jude Devaraux that I had the pleasure of reading was Return to Summerhouse. I thought when I was about to read it that it was going to have the same three women in it as the previous book. Well, I was wrong, but it was still a great book. This one was about three women who didn’t really know each other that well and were each dealing with some type of emotional issue in their lives. All three of them had lost someone or something, and as a reader you get to follow them and find out who they really are and how they dealt with their losses.

Maybe you aren’t into reading the same types of books that I am; but that’s okay. We all have our differences! I definitely think you should give Jude Deveraux a chance, though. You never know what you might end up liking. :)


Candice :)