Apr 07

Criminal Justice & Criminology and Political Science!

When people ask – “What’s your major?” – my response is “A mouth full.” Saying “I am a double major in Criminal Justice and Criminology and Political Science” is a lot to put into one breath. Not only do people look astounded, but they ask me if that is really three majors. It’s not three majors; it is only two. Criminal Justice and Criminology is one major, and Political Science is one major. “So, why these two majors?” you ask.

Well, since I was four years old, I have wanted to work in the Criminal Justice System in some way, shape, or form. At first I thought I wanted to be a lawyer and help children in some way. Once I got to Barton, I realized I didn’t want to be a lawyer anymore. I realized I wanted to work in the field and not be in a court room all the time. This realization grew even more after I took several field trips with Dr. Groskin. I sat in on several court proceedings, and all were interesting; but it just wasn’t for me!

During the course “Juvenile Delinquency,” we went to a Youth Development Center in Kinston; and I really enjoyed our trip. I was impressed with what they were doing with these young men and how they were changing their lives. My only goal for my job is to say that I have helped one person to either become a better person or be put in a better situation than they were in before. At the Youth Development Center, it is constantly hands on; and I would be directly impacting a juvenile’s life, and I loved the thought of that. So that got me thinking that I wanted to work with juveniles; but, after thinking about that, I realized I wanted to work with special victims. That could still include juveniles and most likely will, but I’m just not sure yet what path to follow. Thankfully I still have a year to figure that out!

My second major, which I just recently added, is Political Science. I’m not going to say I am huge on politics, but I am interested in how governments run. I like learning about different governments and how they operate compared to the United States and how they developed. I have always found it interesting to see how a country develops and what their government thinks is the right thing to do. I will not discuss Democrats vs. Republicans with you, though; that’s not my area of interest. I will have a conversation about women’s rights in India, the history of our Constitution, and things of that nature, but not what platforms I do and do not support. So, I decided to pick up a second major because I was honestly just curious about learning about different governments and how they work. I have learned a lot and cannot wait to take the rest of my classes to learn more!


Candice :)