Mar 08

Fifth Graders Visit Barton!

Hey, y’all!

So, last week we had ninety-some students in the fifth grade come to Barton’s campus! They were here for a school field trip! Can you believe that? I wish I had gotten to go to a college for the day for a field trip when I was in the fifth grade! Anyway, we had a blast with those kids!

When I got out of my history class, I went straight to the Multipurpose Room, which is located under Hardy Alumni Hall, and helped them make masks to take with them when they left! They have huge imaginations! Some students made bracelets, glasses, and necklaces with their pipe cleaners in addition to making a great looking mask! These students had great ideas on how to use the supplies they had to make their masks specialized to them! They could use pipe cleaners, foam letters and shapes, little puff balls, glitter glue, and construction paper. It amazes me how creative they were and what they could produce with the products given to them! After they made their masks, we went over to the gym.

Now, we know all fifth graders love free time and hanging out with guys and girls that are older; so when they walked in and saw that they were going to get to hang out with the men’s and women’s soccer team, they were ecstatic! It’s awesome how the smallest things make their day! They got to hang out for about an hour and do different drills to help with their soccer skills! The boys went with the men’s soccer team, and the girls went with the women. They worked on individual skills and learned how to work as a team. Some of them were getting a little competitive, but that’s okay as long as they were having a good time!

After the gym activity, they got to have lunch in the cafe. We had to explain to them how our lunchroom works and what is available. They were so excited when we told them that they could drink a fountain drink with lunch and not just milk! I think the thing they were most excited to learn was that we have pizza every single day in our cafeteria.

When we finished our lunch, we went on an adventure,  also known as a tour of campus! With approximately 25 fifth graders, though, I consider that an adventure! They asked some of the craziest questions; but I was prepared, so no big deal! We went to the theatre for to wrap up the field trip. We met Angela from the Admissions Office, and she asked what they learned! One of my students learned that the bell tower was donated to Barton in 2002 for our 100-year anniversary and that the bricks it is built out of are actually bricks that used to make up another building on campus! I was, like, “Oh, YEAH!! Point for Candice’s group!” They did a great job, though, and I really enjoyed having them around for the day!


Candice :)