Mar 22

Spring Break!

Hey, y’all!

So, I am back from Spring Break. It’s Day 2 back, and I feel like I have been back for YEARS! Coming off of a one week break where I got to sleep in every day and lounge around the house and having to go right back into classes at full steam has been tough! It is only 9:30 p.m. right now; and, let me tell you, I am exhausted! As soon as I finish this post, I will be crawling in my bed and going to sleep!

As you already know, I went to Louisiana for the weekend of Spring Break where I attended a conference for orientation leaders (the Southern Regional Orientation Workshop, or SROW).

On Friday afternoon we did the Sticker Swap; Role Call; and the Song, Skit, and Dance Competition! So much fun! Sticker Swap was exactly what it sounds like, a Sticker Swap, but REALLY fast paced. People were just running around hitting you with stickers from every direction possible! Role Call was a lot of fun, too! Each school is called, and you get to stand up and perform whatever you “role” is as loud as you possibly can! The most fun on Friday, though, was the Song, Skit, and Dance Competition! Each school could participate and choose what they wanted to compete in. The song part focused on lyrics, skit focused on information, and dance focused on the dance moves and how together the team was. The amount of talent seen Friday night was overwhelming!

All day Saturday we went to sessions where we learned different ideas about Orientation from our peers! We learned what Orientation is like at a lot of other colleges and universities and what they do in order to keep their students’ attention!

My fellow Orientation Leader Luke Costanza and I were in a session called “Case Study.” In Case Study we were given a problem, and we as Orientation Leaders had to figure out what we would do in that situation. So, we prepared and gave a ten-minute presentation and also answered questions from the judges.

Saturday night we had a keynote speaker – this year we had two – and then we had the Undergraduate Social. This year at Louisiana State University, SROW had Twister, karaoke, music, an inflatable obstacle course, and several other activities we could enjoy. Once again, it was a blast!

Sunday was the day for the awards ceremony. Luke and I came out of the Case Study feeling pretty confident. When the judges are smiling and shaking their heads in agreement, I’m pretty sure that it’s a good sign, or at least we thought so! Well, when it came down to the Case Study awards, Luke and I were so nervous. There were three different groupings; and, of course, Luke and I were in the last one! To each grouping they gave three awards: Best Communication, Best Problem Solving, and Best Overall. When ours was called, we won for Best Communication! I was so proud of us! It just goes to show that, just because we’re a small school, that doesn’t mean we can’t compete with huge universities.


Candice :)