Mar 07

Spring Break in Scotland

Ok, it’s finally time to seriously start thinking about spring break.  It’s less than a week away now, and I am beyond stoked.  My plans for Spring Break 2011 are far more exciting than any other plans I’ve made before.  The first day of break I will be on my way to – wait for it – Scotland!!!

Not only will this be my first time leaving the country, but also my first time being on an airplane. As far as I know, I and one other girl going on the trip are the only ones that have never been on a plane; so this is, no doubt, going be a much more thrilling experience for the two of us than for the other member of our group.

This last week of classes I’ve started to get a little nervous because I’m one of those kinds of people that can be very forgetful at times; and before a trip, I always have a bad feeling that I’ve left something very important behind.  No matter how nervous I make myself by thinking about what I may forget, there’s still nothing that can take away the enthusiasm I’ll be feeling when I take my seat on that airplane.

Our itinerary sounds hectic, to say the least.  We will be on the move constantly, and I foresee several nights with not much sleep.  But, during the day we’ll be seeing some of the most beautiful castles, chapels, and landscapes in the world! So, I guess you could say it’s worth it to have to live off of five or six hours of sleep a night (which is way less than a normal night’s sleep for me, by the way). We’ll get to spend the entire day looking like a bunch of tourists, and then we’ll have free time at night for me and my new travel buddies to tear up the town American style (while, of course, keeping everything PG).

All this talking about my trip is getting me even more excited to go, if that’s even possible!  Well, I guess that’s all I can say about it for now; but I promise to fill you all in when I get back.  Bye for now, and I hope everyone else has a wonderful Spring Break!!