Mar 08

Off to School for Spring Break?

Being an Orientation Leader is a lot of fun! During the summer, you get paid to act goofy in front of new students. Obviously, not ALL the time. But, we do get to do that from time to time! In order to make Orientation better, we attend this workshop called SROW. SROW stands for Southern Region Orientation Workshop. Last year, which was my first year going, it was held in Kentucky at Louisville!

This year, guess where we’re going. Seriously, guess!

Okay, good guess, but we’re going to LSU. Yeah, you read right: Louisiana State University, the home of the Tigers! I am SO excited to go, but it is going to be a LONG trip there and a LONG trip back!

So, when we’re at SROW, it’s like one HUGE screaming and singing festival! We have Sticker Swap, which is more like “run around and put stickers on everyone you pass”! We have an event called Roll Call in which they call your school out and you stand up in front of hundreds, potentially a thousand, other people and do your roll call for your school. Then we have a skit, dance, and song competition – tons of fun, by the way! Saturday, we do sessions on how to make your orientation the best experience possible for your incoming students!

This year, like last year, I will be competing in the case study with fellow Bulldog Luke Costanza. He an I will get a scenario, and we will have a little while (not long) to determine how we as Orientation Leaders would deal with the situation; and then we present it to the panel of judges. They can ask questions, and you’re put on the spot just as you are during Orientation when a parent, family member, or student asks you a question. Even though it is nerve-wracking, it is a great way to prepare yourself for the hundreds of questions you will get asked at Orientation.

After SROW I will be heading home for a week! So, while I am home for that one week, I will be writing a paper for my Political Science class, going to the beach with some sisters of Delta Zeta, and hanging out with my family and my boyfriend. No major plans. It will take a couple days to recover from Louisiana!

I hope all of you have a great Spring Break, and be safe, most importantly!

Talk to you after Spring Break!!


Candice :)